Gummy pouch packaging design for PocketFives & DynaWellness & Sunshower cannabis

PocketFives & DynaWellness & Sunshower

Graphic Design, Packaging, Editorial, Social Media

Dynaleo (parent brand of PocketFives, DynaWelness and Sunshower)
I've Got Dreams (formerly Day Job Production)
Art Direction:
Lane Mosolf

Dynaleo is a cannabis infused gummy solution which has three product lines, Pocket Fives, DynaWellness and Sunshower. Pocket Fives is a retro grocery store inspired brand which emphasizes on a humorous approach throughout the brand. DynaWellness is a CBD only line that focuses on a simplistic style. Sunshower has a fun and vibrant visuals that features various flavours and no aftertaste microdose products.

We're ask to create diverse visuals for each brand from social media to retail displays. I took the primary graphic designer role for this account at the agency.

Poster designs for PocketFives.PocketFives cannabis logo.A pack of sticker design for PocketFives cannabis.Illustration of orange vanilla flavour for PocketFives cannabis.Illustration of blue raspberry flavour for PocketFives cannabis.Illustration of cola 1:1 flavour for PocketFives cannabis.Cannabis gummy pouch packaging designs for DynaWellness.DynaWellness cannabis logo.Icon designs for DynaWellness cannabis.Poster designs for DynaWellness cannabis.Social media story design for DynaWellness cannabis.Gummy pouch and table tent design for DynaDream CBN + CBD by DynaWellness.Sunshower cannabis logo.Table tent design for Sunshower cannabis gummies.Spicy dill pickle flavour cannabis gummy pouch packaging design for Sunshower.Product card and stickers design for Sunshower CBN gummy product.
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