Chonker Burger Shack products flat lay top view, including a kombucha bottle, menus, napkin, burger box, takeout bag with stickers design.

Chonker Burger Shack

Branding, Art Direction, Logo Design, Visual Identity, Illustration, Graphic Design, Packaging, Apparel

2022/23 World Brand Design Society Concept Bronze Mark Award - Identity​​​​​​​

The name "Chonker" is a twist on the combination of the word "chunky" and "burger". The Chonker brand's retro look targets audience of all ages with its visual appeal. The brand's tagline "Become what you eat" is a reflection of the brand message—unapologetically enjoy your ultimate comfort food, in the best way possible.

Chonker Burger is a fast food restaurant that gives you a sense of nostalgia and juiciness. Chonker burgers come in different sizes, but in no doubt, they are indeed chunky.

The chonker mascot is inspired by vintage cartoon characters, particularly inkblot animation. The imbalanced proportion of the mascot calls out the word chunky behind the brand's name. The roundness with a touch of imperfection in the illustration brings out a pleasant front to welcome its customers. On the typography selection, the heavy strokes and curves in the Modak font represent the shapes of burger buns and patties. The brand colours, red and yellow, symbolize the ketchup and mustard combination but also provide warmth to the Chonker brand.

The brand application is where its personality stands out the most. A sprinkle of humour on the brand t-shirt, "88 EAT-A WAY" and the spelled-out letters of the phone number "(1800)-OH-LAWD" are a tribute to the vintage commercial designs. The sentence, "One patty, two patty, three patty, four..." expresses the literal count of the physical product and the abstract feeling of childhood memories. The sticker designs show a range of logo compositions and their interactions with the brand illustration. The letter O in the wordmark can be replaced by two variations of the illustration. The mascot itself and its face both illustrates the letter O, and they can also be used as stand-alone graphic elements. The chunky style is implemented throughout the brand and is also present in the beverage bottle selection.

Chonker Burger Shack poster on the street. A hand with yellow shirt holding a burger with Chonker Burger headline and Chonker mascot illustration on the bottom right corner of the poster.Back of the Chonker Burger t-shirt design, red ink on white t-shirt laying on green grass. Chonker Burger Shack is spelled out and surrounding the Chonker mascot like a arch door shape. Below the brand name is another tagline, "Become what you eat", with faux phone number "(1800) oh-lawd" and address at "88 Eat-A way, British Columbia".Front of the Chonker Burger t-shirt design, red ink on white t-shirt laying on an outdoor grill handle. Spelled out Chonker but the letter O is replaced with the mascot face.Matchbox design for Chonker Burger. Red Chonker Burger name in circle surrounding the Chonker mascot on the front of the matchbox. The tagline "One patty, two patty, three patty, four..." is on the inside of the matchbox.Chonker Burger Shack restaurant sign. Chonker Burger text in a circle surrounding the mascot in white on a red square light box.
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