Logo of Tian Jing Cafe.

Tian Jing Cafe

Branding, Art Direction, Logo Design, Visual Identity, Graphic Design, Packaging


The decorative details on both fonts resembled the angle of the skylight design. The "i" in IvyMode font is shaped as a diamond which compliments the shape of standard skylight, and it influenced the shape change of the 井, also informed the brandmark. The brandmark also serves as a pattern to use on packagings that echos the grid of the factory windows in the cafe.

Primary logo of Tian Jing Cafe.Brandmark of Tian Jing Cafe.Logotype of Tian Jing Cafe.Stacked version of Tian Jing Cafe logo.Cafe signage/poster design for Tian Jing Cafe.Takeout paper bag design for Tian Jing Cafe.Coffee takeout cup packaging design for Tian Jing Cafe.Storefront signage design for Tian Jing Cafe.
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